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Uninterrupted chest compressions, increased ambulance safety and an improvement in staff performance. In Dresden in Germany there is widespread agreement that the LUCAS automated chest compression device maximises efficiency during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Dresden’s emergency services have been using LUCAS since 2006 and now have just over 30 devices. All of the city’s ambulances and rapid-response vehicles are equipped with LUCAS. In addition, the organisation has further devices for educational and training purposes. A LUCAS is also available in the hospital’s intensive care department. To begin with, many of Dresden’s ambulance staff was sceptical about the device, believing that more equipment to carry was the last thing they needed. Attitudes changed when they saw how well LUCAS performed. Physician Ralph Kipke is responsible for training the emergency services.
“Opinions have changed completely. Whereas at first people were saying that LUCAS did no more than they could themselves, the view now is ‘Wow, it does everything for us’.”

Read the complete article and see how LUCAS has enhanced safety through the chain of survival in Dresden.

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