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Keeping the flow up

In order to be able to save the lives of sudden cardiac arrest patients and avoid neurological damage, a steady supply of oxygen to the heart and brain is necessitated. Life-sustaining circulation can be created through effective and uninterrupted chest compressions. Performing manual chest compressions of high quality is both difficult and tiring, and impossible in certain situations. The quality varies depending on who provides CPR and  deteriorates quickly after only one, two minutes (1, 2).

Meet LUCAS 3, version 3.1, Chest Compression System

The latest LUCAS 3.1 version allows professional users to tailor setup options for compression rate/depth, pauses, alerts, timer, and ventilation features to meet local emergency care protocols. LUCAS 3.1 now includes Wi-Fi® connectivity with a LIFENET® System account to enable users to set up device readiness notifications, modify setup options and transmit device reports wirelessly to users over e-mail when not in clinical use. Users can set automatic e-mail reports to facilitate post-event reviews and device management reports on battery expiration dates, last service date, and device maintenance.

The LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System, version 3.1 is cleared for sales in US, and carries a CE mark. For other countries, please contact your local Physio-Control/Stryker sales representative.

LUCAS 3, v3.1
LUCAS 3, v3.1

LUCAS CPR in motion

Duration: 2 min 19 sec.

LUCAS™ - standardising the quality of chest compressions

The LUCAS™ Chest Compression System is a safe and efficient tool that standardises chest compressions in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines. It provides the same quality for all patients and over time, independent of transport conditions, rescuer fatigue, or variability in the experience level of the caregiver. By doing this, it frees up rescuers to focus on other life-saving tasks and creates new rescue opportunities.

Safe and effective

Experimental studies show that the mechanically controlled LUCAS™ compressions are able to sustain a higher blood flow to the brain and heart compared to manual compressions. The side-effects are similar as for manual compressions. LUCAS™ does compressions according to guidelines - on the middle of the chest, not more, not less.

Easy and quick

The LUCAS device is easy to carry and handle, and can be applied to the patient with interruptions of manual compressions of less than 20 seconds.

Cypress Creek EMS applies LUCAS

References with link to Pubmed

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