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Pre-hospital studies with control group

Rubertsson S et al. "Mechanical chest compressions and simultaneous defibrillation vs conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; The LINC randomized trial, JAMA 2013.282538 Published online Nov 17 2013.

Link to article on JAMA webpage

Rubertsson S, Silfverstolpe J, Rehn L, et al. The Study Protocol for the LINC (LUCAS in Cardiac Arrest) Study: a study comparing
conventional adult out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation with a concept with mechanical chest compressions and simultaneous
defibrillation. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine. 2013,21:5

Link to full length article (free access)

Maule Y. The aid of mechanical CPR; better compressions, but more importantly – more compressions… (translated from French language; Assistance Cardiaque Externe; Masser mieux, mais surtout masser plus…). Urgence Pratique. 2011;106:47-48.

Maule Mechanical chest compression systems Better
compressions 2012.pdf

Maule Assistance cardiaque externe 2011.pdf

Carmona Jiménez F, Padró PP, García AS, Martín RC, Venegas JCR, Naval EC “Cerebral flow measure by transcranial doppler ultrasound during manual chest wall or automated LUCAS 2 compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.” Emergencias 2012;24:47-49

Link to full length article Carmona et al, Emergencias 2012: 24: 47-49

Smekal D, Johansson J. Huzevka T  Rubertsson S “A pilot study of mechanical chest compressions with the LUCAS™ device in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.” Resuscitation 2011; 82: 702–706

Pubmed abstract: Smekal et al. Resuscitation 2011; 82: 702–706

Saussy J, Elder J, Flores CA, Miller AL. “Optimization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation with an Impedance Threshold Device, automated compression cardiopulmonary resuscitation and post-resuscitation in-the-field hypothermia improved short-term outcomes following cardiac arrest”. Circulation. 2010;122:A256 (+ Poster on file at Jolife)

AHA abstract; Saussy J et al, Circulation. 2010;122:A256

Axelsson C, Karlsson T, Axelsson ÅB, Herlitz J. “Mechanical active compression-decompression cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ACD-CPR) versus manual CPR according to pressure of end tidal carbon dioxide (PETCO2) during CPR in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).” Resuscitation. 2009; 80(10): 1099-103.

Pubmed abstract; Axelsson et al, Resuscitation. 2009; 80(10): 1099-103. Epub 2009 Aug 28

Box MS, Watson JN, Addison PS, Clegg GR, Robertson CE. Shock outcome prediction before and after CPR: A comparative study of manual and automated active compression—decompression CPR. Resuscitation. 2008 78(3):265-74.

Pubmed abstract; Box et al, Resuscitation 2008 78(3):265-74

Olsson P, Steen S, Kongstad P, Sjoberg T. “The outcome of cardiac arrest the years before and after introduction of LUCAS in the ambulances” Resuscitation. 2008; 77S:S9: AS-023

Olson H, Rundgren M, Silverstolpe J, Friberg H. “Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest—–A panorama in transformation” ERC congress 2008; Poster 027 (on file at Jolife) and Resuscitation. 2008; 77S:S47: AP-027.

Olson_OHCA_and outcome_2008_p-ERC.pdf

Rubertsson S, Huzevka T, Smekal D, Johansson J. “Early survival after cardiac arrest in a pilot study using the LUCAS device compared to manual chest compressions during CPR.” Circulation. 2007; 116: II 386 Abstract 1813

AHA abstract; Rubertsson et al, Circulation, Oct 2007; 116: II_386, Abstract 1813

Olasveengen TM, Wik L, Steen PA. ”Quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation before and during transport in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.” Resuscitation. 2008; 76(2): 185-90.

Pubmed abstract: Olasveengen et al, Resuscitation. 2008; 76(2): 185-90

Maule; Urgences & Accueil, Volume 7, Numéro 29, Juin-Juillet-Août 2007; (Translation from French; Mechanical external chest compression: a new adjuvant technology in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.)

This article has been translated from French to English and is shown with permission of the author who owns the copyright.

Maule L assistance cardiaque 2007 Engl and Fr.pdf

Axelsson C, Nestin J, Svensson L, Axelsson Å, Herlitz J. “Clinical consequences of the introduction of mechanical chest compression in the EMS system for treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - a pilot study.” Resuscitation. 2006; 71: 47-55

Pubmed abstract: Axelsson et al; Resuscitation 71 (2006), 47—55

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