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All you need is flow!

March 24, 2010, Lund, Sweden

LUCAS Chest Compression device receives acknowledgement as a life-saving tool in latest issue of Resuscitation journal.

In the April issue of Resuscitation – the official journal of the European Resuscitation Council –the LUCAS Chest Compression System is acknowledged to create good coronary circulation and to enable a new approach to save cardiac arrest patients. These are patients where traditional life-saving therapies are not enough and the underlying cause of the cardiac arrest has to be corrected first. Effective, hands-free chest compression with mechanical LUCAS CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) enables for simultaneous coronary intervention, which is likely to impact the future of resuscitation.

The editorial “All you need is flow” is written by Prof. K Sunde, Oslo, Norway and summarizes results from earlier publications where cardiac arrest patients have been treated with coronary intervention during simultaneous LUCAS CPR. The results are further strengthened by the addition of two new independent case series published in the same journal issue.

In the biggest case series so far on 43 patients who went into resistant cardiac arrest during coronary intervention, Dr Wagner and colleagues in Sweden concluded that it is unlikely that few, if any, of the eleven survivors would have been saved without the use of LUCAS mechanical chest compressions.

In the second case series by Dr Larsen and colleagues in Norway, it was shown that the LUCAS Chest Compression System was capable of sustaining coronary perfusion pressures above 15 mmHg, which was associated with a normal coronary artery flow on the angiographic video. This is the first time the good circulatory effects of LUCAS are shown in humans, confirming results from experimental studies.

The articles can be found in the April issue of the Resuscitation journal (2010; no. 81) www.resuscitationjournal.com:

• Sunde K. “Editorial: All you need is flow” pages 371–372
• Wagner H, Terkelsen, CJ, Friberg H, Harnek J, Kern K, Flensted Lassen J, Olivecrona GK. ”Cardiac arrest in the catheterization laboratory; a 5-year experience of using mechanical chest compressions to facilitate PCI during prolonged resuscitation efforts”. Pages 383-387.
• Larsen AI, Hjörnevik Å, Bonarjee V, Barvik S, Melberg T, Nilsen DW. “Coronary blood flow and perfusion pressure during coronary angiography in patients with ongoing mechanical chest compression: A report on 6 cases”. Pages 493–497

LUCAS Chest Compression System is an easy-to-use and lightweight device that provides quality chest compressions according to the European Resuscitation Council and American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It assists rescuers in maintaining vital blood circulation in cardiac arrest patients. LUCAS is simple to use, applied within seconds and feasible for use in a majority of cardiac arrest patients. LUCAS is available in an electrically driven version (LUCAS 2) and a pneumatically driven (LUCAS 1). An estimated 25 000 patients have been treated with LUCAS so far. The mechanical CPR device has shown to increase operational efficacy and to improve the opportunities to save cardiac arrest patients.

About Jolife AB
Jolife AB, founded in 2000, develops and manufactures the LUCAS Chest Compression System. Jolife works closely with leading physicians, nurses, paramedics and first responders and is committed to research and development in order to continue to offer innovative products. The LUCAS Chest Compression Systems are sold in 34 countries around the world. Based in Lund in southern Sweden, Jolife markets its products through an exclusive global distribution agreement with Physio-Control, Inc., a division of Medtronic Inc. – except in Sweden, Norway and Finland, where Jolife sells directly.

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