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LUCAS Chest Compression System contributed to a 71% increase in short term outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest in New Orleans. New data presented at the American Heart Association congress

November 29, 2010, Lund, Sweden

A study from New Orleans Emergency Medical Services presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) congress in mid November in Chicago, USA, showed that the implementation of a new resuscitation protocol including the use of the LUCAS Chest Compression System, an Impedance Threshold Device and In-Field Therapeutic Hypothermia, contributed to a 71% increase in the short term outcomes of cardiac arrest. The short term outcome was defined as a stable return of spontaneous circulation and went from 21% in the historical control group to 36% with the new treatment protocol. The authors, Dr. Saussy and colleagues, concluded that the new treatment protocol aimed at improving the quality of resuscitation was both feasible and safe. The LUCAS Chest Compression System is a medical device used by first responders, paramedics, emergency nurses and physicians to help sustain vital blood circulation in cardiac arrest patients.

In addition to this study, several more studies on the efficacy and feasibility of the LUCAS device were presented during the AHA congress. A North-American pre-hospital user evaluation showed that LUCAS fit over 95% of the cardiac arrest patients, was easy to use and considered effective when evaluated in 332 patients from four different regions in the US. In another in-hospital study, Swedish researchers found that LUCAS could sustain a mean systolic blood pressure of over 100mmHg in ten critically ill cardiac arrest patients despite prolonged resuscitation attempts of 45 minutes. Furthermore, several US experimental studies confirmed the superior hemodynamics of the LUCAS device compared to a traditional mechanical chest compression device, and showed that LUCAS was able to maintain adequate circulation over time.

Erik von Schenck, CEO of Jolife AB, the developer and manufacturer of the LUCAS devices, commented; “The studies from the AHA congress add to our continuously growing base of LUCAS studies. Today we know of over 70 publications written up and presented by LUCAS users from all over the world, and they testify on the safety, efficacy and feasibility of the device in different settings and situations. We know that adding LUCAS to the armamentarium of advanced life support tools does not only secure the quality of chest compressions and make life-saving activities easier, it also opens up new opportunities to manage and treat the cardiac arrest patient.”

The LUCAS Chest Compression System is available in an electric and a pneumatic version and delivers chest compressions consistent with the science for high-quality CPR.

For more information on LUCAS CPR and links to the latest publications, please visit www.lucas-cpr.com.

The new abstracts from AHA can be found in the latest issue of Circulation. 2010;122:A25, A38, A91, A75, A79, A82, A179, A180.

The LUCAS Chest Compression System is an easy-to-use and lightweight device that provides quality chest compressions in accordance with the European Resuscitation Council and American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It assists rescuers in maintaining vital blood circulation in cardiac arrest patients. LUCAS is simple to use, applied within seconds and feasible for use in a majority of cardiac arrest patients in most settings and situations. LUCAS is available in electrically powered (LUCAS 2) and pneumatically powered (LUCAS 1) versions. So far, an estimated 40,000 patients have been treated with a LUCAS. The mechanical CPR device has shown to maintain blood circulation better than manual CPR, increase operational efficacy and to improve the opportunities to save cardiac arrest patients.

About Jolife AB
Founded in 2000, Jolife AB develops and manufactures the LUCAS Chest Compression System. Jolife works closely with leading physicians, nurses, paramedics and first responders and is committed to research and development in order to continue to offer innovative products. LUCAS Chest Compression Systems are sold in over 34 countries around the world. Based in Lund in southern Sweden, Jolife markets its products through an exclusive global distribution agreement with Physio-Control, Inc., a division of Medtronic Inc. – except in Sweden, Norway and Finland, where Jolife sells directly.

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