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Jolife AB honoured with the Malmö City Business Award

Lund, February 13th, 2007

Jolife AB was yesterday honoured with the Malmö City Business Award within Medicine 2006 during a Gala Dinner at the Malmö Opera House. Jolife AB, which develops, manufactures and markets the LUCAS Chest Compression System, is awarded for its contribution to improve the emergency care of cardiac arrest victims.

The award was won in competition with two other nominees. The LUCAS Chest Compression System was recognized as an innovative tool to increase survival and is, since a few years back, fully implemented in the emergency systems as well as the University Hospital in Malmö.

“We are very proud to receive this award, and it motivates us in our continued activities to establish LUCAS on the main markets in the world. We continually receive feedback from clinicians about how patients are saved by the use of our device, some story more incredible than the other. The region of Malmö has a front-line emergency care organisation, where LUCAS is an integral part of the chain of survival of cardiac arrest victims”, says Erik von Schenck, CEO.

Survival rates after a sudden cardiac arrest are low – only around 6% of out-of-hospital patients survive. LUCAS does mechanically what is very difficult to achieve manually – assists in sustaining blood circulation tirelessly during the rescue activities. LUCAS creates a strengthened chain of survival where the patient can be transported from the field into the hospital and receive more sophisticated treatment. Malmö City is part of the south region of Sweden where the LUCAS device is fully implemented by the ambulance services. Some locations in the region show out-of-hospital survival rates over 13 %.

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