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Practical training

Practical hands-on training provides an opportunity to become comfortable with LUCAS™2 in a safe and calm setting.

For this part, preferably work in pairs of two. You need the following equipment:
1. LUCAS™2
2. Manikin

Train by following the instructions in the film. Train several times on each step before going on to the next one. Stop the film and repeat the sequence when necessary. Try to perform the activities simultaneously as the film is playing. When you feel confident with the activity, go on to the next sequence.

To complete the LUCAS™2 Training Certificate, please print the Check List and let your colleague tick off that each step in the process is accomplished correctly, and measure the time of interruptions of manual compressions. The goal is to apply LUCAS™2 with interruptions of manual compressions of less than 20 seconds.

Print checklist

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