LUCAS™2 - Electric version
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Welcome to LUCAS Web Training Center

Here you can read, listen and watch how to apply the LUCAS Chest Compression System for training and re-training purposes.

Start with the Instructions for Use and the Orientation Guide - after having gone through the material, a Theoretical Self Test allows you to test your understanding of LUCAS.

If the Theoretical Self Test is accomplished successfully, you will be able to print out a LUCAS Training Certificate. To complete the certificate, you need also to be able to apply LUCAS according to the Check List in the Practical Training Part – confirmed and signed by a witness/colleague.

The practical part requires that you have a LUCAS device and a manikin available and also a driving source for the pneumatic version. Train by following the instructions in the Practical Training Video and the Check List.


Get the story short — go to the next three pages to see the benefits of LUCAS CPR, or click on the thumbnails to the right.

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